Every successful construction project begins with a strong vision. But how can you ensure that your team brings that vision to reality? Here are a few tips for construction managers.

Create an Actionable Construction Plan

The first step is always to sit down with your client and learn what they want from the project. But most clients don’t know the language of construction. It’s your job as a manager to translate the client’s ideas into a concrete, actionable construction plan. The more detailed the plan, the better your team members will be able to follow it.

Ensure Constant Alignment with Project Goals

Think of your construction plan as an overall guide, with each piece divided into specific goals and milestones. As the project moves along, continue to refer to the plan. Does progress on the ground align with the goals you established at the outset? If not, call a team meeting to get back on track. It’s always better to identify potential issues as they emerge rather than waiting until a significant amount of work has been done.

Keep the Client Engaged and Informed

Ultimately, your client is the boss. So don’t leave them out of the loop. They should sign off on the initial construction plan, as well as any changes that are made. Keep them updated on your progress, and always ask for their input on any key decisions. Keeping the client engaged throughout the process serves two very important purposes: First, it helps minimize the risk that they will hate something you did when it’s too late to make a change. And secondly, it holds you accountable. When you are accountable to the client, it’s much easier for you to hold your team members accountable.

Bringing a vision to reality isn’t always easy. But taking the time to develop a comprehensive and detailed plan, then referring back to that plan while also engaging the client, will help you and your team members stay on track.

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