Great Lakes Skilled Trades has launched the Great Lakes Skilled Trade App for smartphones that skilled tradespeople can use to find great jobs. No more scouring job boards. All skilled tradespeople need is a smartphone and an internet connection and they will have access to all the jobs Great Lakes Skilled Trades has to offer.

Before the app, tradespeople had to look at the Great Lakes Skilled Trades job board and apply or apply through another site such as  Indeed. But those notices were just for positions and areas we are hiring for. No specifics.

The app will list actual jobs with specific job details and locations.  Also, If the tradesperson has already worked for us in the past or applied in the past they can simply click on a button to indicate they are interested in a particular job and it will send an alert in our system and a recruiter will pick up the phone and call them.

“They don’t need to call us or apply again,” says Dustin Ide, Vice President and General Manager with Great Lakes Skilled Trades. “They simply show interest on the app and we reach out to them!”

Tradespeople can use the mobile app to access their unique profile, find local jobs, get daily job notifications, sign up for jobs with a single tap, keep track of their schedule, enter work hours, and submit their time reports.

It’s the best way to stay connected with Great Lakes Skilled Trades and the easiest way to find your next gig.

Once a tradesperson clicks on a job in the app, they will be immediately contacted by a Great Lakes Skilled Trades representative. If the representative determines he or she is the right person for the job, they will give the tradesperson access to detailed information about the job such as address, start time, site contact, PPE, and required tools.

Skilled tradespeople can download the app from the app store.

Down the road, the company will unveil a customer version of the app that will allow customers to choose specific tradespeople electronically as well as approve timecards.

“This is the start of a new era at Great Lakes Skilled Trades,” Dustin added. “Things will never be the same again. This app is going to transform things for us, for workers, and for customers. This app is a game-changer.”

Mobile technology is a perfect fit for people in the construction industry. A common assumption is that the people searching for jobs on their phones tend to be in high-income occupations such as software engineer. Actually, the people who rely most on mobile devices are from industries that require employees to be away from their desktop computer. The jobs tend to be blue-collar jobs.

Skilled trades are a perfect fit.

“Mobile job seekers insist on a simple and elegant experience,” says Dustin Ide. “Our app has a clean, intuitive design that skilled tradespeople are going to find user-friendly. What’s more, the app makes it simple to match the specific tradesperson with roles that fit with his/her talent and experience.”

Great Lakes Skilled Trades opened its first office, in Grand Rapids, Mich., in 2020 and then its first satellite office in Milwaukee in 2021. The Great Lakes Skilled Trades proposition is being warmly received in both markets and the company has plans to add more offices soon around the Great Lakes region.

The Great Lakes Skilled Trades team has decades of experience in the skilled trades, making us uniquely suited to connect contractors with tradesmen. Just as our craftsmen take pride in a job well done, we take pride in how we apply our skills to solve our client’s problems. With a specialization in skilled trades and a focus on quality and safety, we seek to make community-building connections between contractors and skilled tradesmen.


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