If you’re like most skilled trade workers, you probably take a lot of pride in your work. You’ve honed your skills through hard experience and enjoy seeing a project come together. But no matter how talented you are, you’re still a human being. And that means that mistakes will occur despite your best intentions. How you handle them will say a lot about your character and who you are as a worker. Here are some tips.

Own Your Mistake

The first step is to simply own the mistake. Yes, you messed up. Mistakes happen. Avoid the urge to blame others or justify your actions. Taking responsibility builds trust with your employer. It projects confidence. And even more importantly, it allows you to get on with the process of fixing the problem.

Document Everything

You, your supervisor, and your team need to know exactly what went wrong. So, document it as carefully as possible. Take photos and write down everything you can think of that may have contributed to the issue.

Communicate Widely

Tell your supervisor what happened as soon as possible. But don’t stop there. Your coworkers also need to know, especially if the problem could also affect them. For example, if shoddy materials were involved, you need to tell your team members not to use them. If there is a safety hazard, they need to know to avoid it.

Assess and Solve the Issue

Work with your boss and your team members to figure out what happened. Perform a risk management assessment to determine what future damage might occur as a result. Analyze how and why the mistake occurred and make an action plan to avoid similar mistakes in the future. And determine how best to deal with the situation as it currently exists, including rectifying the immediate issue while minimizing potential fallout.

Mistakes are inevitable in construction projects. But the steps you take in the immediate aftermath are vital to keeping the project moving, demonstrating your trustworthiness, and ultimately protecting your reputation and that of your company.

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