Building a Better America Together
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Our Mission

We believe in building a better America together, one local community at a time, connecting contractors and tradesmen.
Working closely with both tradesmen and contractors, we provide a path forward for those looking to invest their professional skills in and around the Great Lakes region. Acting as both advisor and ally, we find tradesmen steady work and give general contractors the best and most qualified workers to complete their projects.

Why Us?

Our team has decades of experience in the skilled trades, making us uniquely suited to connect contractors with tradesmen. Just as our craftsmen take pride in a job well-done, we take pride in how we apply our skills to solve our client’s problems. With a specialization in skilled trades and a focus on quality and safety, we seek to make community-building connections between contractors and skilled tradesmen.

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Unlike many staffing firms, we focus exclusively on the skilled trades. Our combined years of experience have given us keen insight into the skilled trades and how contractors employ them.

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We live and work in the communities we serve. We provide opportunities for both contractors and tradesmen through our connections and resources.