Skilled Tradesmen

Start work in as little as two days! Let us place you in the right job with great local contractors.

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Local, Personalized, Flexible

Have you been disappointed in the past with big, impersonal staffing agencies that treat you like a number? Give GLST a try!

We’re a local, employee-centric agency focused on your long-term success. By getting to know you, we can connect you with the right jobs with great contractors. Our personalized approach means we can offer you more flexibility, too.

Whether you prefer long-term, steady work or like to mix things up with a variety of contractors, we’ll work to find your best fit.

What we Offer

Benefits Package

Health Benefits

skill based pay


career advancement

Career Advancement

Fun Activities

Dental and Vision Plan

skill based pay

Local Work

Variety of Job Options

Variety of Job Options

career advancement

Paid Time Off

More Flexibility

More Flexibility

Safety Training

Safety Training

We’re actively seeking tradesmen with a variety of skills and experience:



concrete workers

Concrete Workers



HVAC technicians

HVAC Technicians

masonry workers

Masonry Workers





plumbers and pipefitters

Plumbers & Pipefitters

sheet metal workers

Sheet Metal Workers

steel erectors

Steel Erectors



Your Safety Is Our Priority

No matter the job, our on-staff Safety Director ensures your safety is our priority. We also offer safety training to keep your knowledge fresh.

You do the work and we keep you working.

Let’s build something great together.

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