Construction is a high-stress environment. With so much to do and so many competing pressures, it’s easy for construction teams to get burned out. But those are the people you rely on, and the work can’t get done without everyone performing at their best. Here are a few tips to keep morale up and boost productivity among all your construction employees.

Recognition Programs

Everyone likes to feel valued. An easy and cost-effective way to show your construction teams that they matter is to implement some type of recognition program. This could be as simple as an Employee of the Month certificate or taking everyone to lunch when your company hits a major milestone. The point is simply to reward your hard-working team members for a job well done.

Team-Building Exercises

The ability to function as a single unit is essential for all construction crews. But you can’t just throw a bunch of people together and expect them to act like a team. Take a little bit of time to focus on team-building exercises that are targeted to the unique construction environment. Examples include:

  • Safety trivia. Working in pairs or small groups, team members must answer several safety-related questions.
  • The name game. Put everyone in a circle and give one person a small, soft ball. They must name someone else in the circle and toss the ball to them. Anyone who names the wrong person is out.
  • Team relays. Set a goal that is common for construction teams, such as prepping a room for painting. Assign each team a different room and leave it to them to decide how to divide up the labor. The first team to have the entire room properly prepped wins.

Managing Workloads

No one can perform at their best if they simply have too much to do. Sit down and assess everyone’s workload. Are your laborers filling in for open skilled trades positions? Do your cabinetry experts need an extra set of hands? To improve morale, find a balance that allows everyone the necessary breathing room to do their best work.

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