Commercial construction work may seem like just a bigger version of residential construction. But it requires some unique skills. If you want to make the leap from residential to commercial construction, make sure you are strong in these areas.

Advanced Technical Abilities

You’ll need to be at the top of your game to succeed in the commercial construction industry. Make sure you have a strong ability to work with blueprints, computer-aided design (CAD) software, and other basic tools. And double-check that your specific trade skills are where they should be. Whether you specialize in metalwork, plumbing, painting, or something else, you need to be able to do it even under highly challenging conditions.

Proficiency in New Construction Technologies

All parts of the construction industry are rapidly adopting new technologies. But since commercial projects tend to be bigger and more complicated, they also tend to require stronger technological proficiency. To be competitive, brush up on everything from estimating software to augmented reality and even drone operation.

Team Leadership

On smaller residential projects, you might work alone or with one or two others. On a large commercial build, you could be working shoulder-to-shoulder with dozens of other skilled tradespeople. While not everyone has to be a leader, the ability to take charge of a team could put you ahead of the competition.

Problem-Solving Skills

The more complex a project is, the more likelihood there is for something to go wrong. A big part of commercial construction work is anticipating and solving problems on the fly. You’ll need next-level skills to quickly assess an emerging issue, identify a solution, and act upon it. And, of course, knowing when something is above your pay grade is also important. Some issues should be passed along to your supervisor to solve, while others are best fixed as you go along. Understanding the difference will make you a highly valuable member of the team.

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