Behind every successful fire and water restoration project are skilled and dedicated professionals who play an important role in repairing homes and businesses. This can be a wonderful and rewarding career for those who enjoy giving back to members of their community. But what exactly does the work of a restoration professional involve? Every project is different, but there are some core duties that you can expect to perform.

Salvaging Belongings

Even a small fire or water leak can cause a huge mess. The first step in restoring the home or business is to help the owner salvage as many of their belongings as possible. Even things that appear heavily damaged are sometimes salvageable. As a restoration professional, you’ll learn to identify the level of damage and how likely salvage is.

Removing Debris

After salvaging all the belongings that can be saved, the next crucial step is removing the debris left behind by the disaster. The scope of this task varies depending on the extent of the damage caused. For smaller debris and general cleanup, you may need essentials like work gloves and trash bags. However, for more substantial debris and larger cleanup operations in fire restoration, heavy machinery might be required.

Extracting Water

In the event of a major flood, it typically takes 24-48 hours for mold to set in. So one of your early tasks will be to remove as much water as possible, as quickly as possible. You might use various equipment, including submersible pumps, fans, and heaters, depending on the exact nature of the flood.

Mitigating Further Damage

It’s always a smart idea to check for mold after a flood or hazardous contamination after a fire. In addition, the building may be structurally compromised. Once everything is out of the way, you’ll need to assess the site for any remaining hazards and do everything you can to mitigate the risks of additional damage.


For many restoration experts, and certainly, for the building owner, this is the fun part. Some owners want everything rebuilt exactly as it was. Others take advantage of the opportunity to add upgrades or even redesign the space altogether. Either way, it can be deeply satisfying to see the new construction replaces what was previously the scene of a disaster.

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